Release notes


  • Added database compatibility with PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver

  • Added a WebCmsDomainChangedEvent which triggers when another domain is selected

Bug fixes:

  • tooltips are now correctly displayed on component tabs

  • fix some issues with message codes incorrectly resolving for component metadata


Image support extensions:

  • a WebCmsImage now has additional source, description and keywords text fields

  • the default image list view has been extended with a text EntityQuery filter

    • filtering property text has been added for text searching in the name, source, description and keywords properties

      • searching on these properties is case insensitive by default


Minor bug fixes:

  • a rich text area now supports double square brackets in its content

  • fix broken datepicker in metadata properties


  • fix issues when configuring multiple image components in a single form


  • multi-domain/multi-site support has been added

  • it is now possible to filter the component types that can be created on a global level or added as members of a container

    • componentRestricted attribute on WebCmsComponentType to indicate a component cannot be added implicitly

    • childComponentsRestricted attribute on WebCmsTypeSpecifier to indicate only linked component types should be available for adding

    • see chapters in Defining component types for more information

  • component administration UI improvements

  • WebCmsAsset now has a sortIndex which by default is set to 1000

  • It is now possible to create and import WebCmsAssetLinks

  • It is now possible to import URLs and Redirects


Initial public release available on Maven central.