2.x.x release notes


  • added database compatibility for H2, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server

  • requires Across 3.2.0


  • an administration UI for managing OAuth2 clients and scopes is now available


Bug fix release that solves some performance issues with fetching OAuth2Client entities: the more clients you had, the longer it would take to fetch a single client.

Because a property (OAuth2Scope.oAuth2ClientScopes) has been removed it is possible this constitutes a breaking change for some application. Most applications will never notice its disappearance.
  • removed the getOAuth2ClientScopes() collection on OAuth2Scope

    • this OneToMany was the cause of N+1 queries due to eager fetching, this property has been removed altogether as the added value of mapping it directly was very limited

  • added addScope() and removeScope() methods on OAuth2Client


Requires Across 2.0.0+

  • for consistency, the property prefix has been changed from OAuth2Module. to oauth2Module.

  • compatibility update with Spring 4.2.

  • added support for multiple user directories

  • added default SecurityPrincipalLabelResolver for OAuth2Client