4.x.x release notes


  • Changed new PageRequest() to PageRequest.of()

  • Changed new Sort() to Sort.by()

  • Removed hardcoded dependency to hibernate-jpa-2.1-api which was restricting us to work with JPA 2.2

  • Pinned version of cypress because of incompatibility between cypress/browsers:chrome65-ff57 and node8

  • Switched to JUnit5


  • Behaviour of EntityLinkBuilder has been changed due to changes in Spring 5 concerning URL encoding of parameters.

  • Fix bug with EntityIdProxyPropertyRegistrar: when an id value is null the EntityModel.findOne() of the target entity will no longer be called

  • The default navigation items generated for Across module are now by default included in the breadcrumb. Register Menu attribute AdminMenu.ATTR_BREADCRUMB to exclude them again, see also the AdminWebModule documentation.

  • The generic Entity management overview controller is no longer available

  • Improvements for manual entity registration:

    • Instead of EntitiesConfigurationBuilder.create().entityType(Class, true) you can now use either withType(Class) or register(Class)

    • Both alternatives behave the same and will register the type if it is missing. The only difference is the intent expressed by the method name.

  • data-em-button-role has been added to most important navigation buttons and links

  • form buttons are now wrapped in a div.em-form-actions

  • EntityFormStateCompleted hook and event added to SaveEntityViewProcessor and DeleteEntityViewProcessor

    • allows for easier customization of the redirect and feedback messages after creating/saving/deleting an entity