2.x.x release notes


  • Switched to JUnit5


This release requires Across 5.0.1.

Extension module

EhcacheModule configuration has been modified to extend the AcrossContextInfrastructureModule configuration. It no longer starts its own ApplicationContext.

Most applications should have no effect from this, but any code directly accessing the EhcacheModule bean factory would now fail.

Module configurations added to EhcacheModule should be added to AcrossContextInfrastructureModule instead.


  • debug web support has been updated:

    • the navigation section has been changed from Cache overview to Cache browser / Ehcache

    • support for EhCacheCache details has been added to the default Cache browser

      • events of type DebugCacheStatistics<EhCacheCache> are handled by EhcacheModule

  • the @EnableCaching module configuration is now injected as optional configuration in other modules, no longer forcing an ApplicationContext bootstrap