• several bugfixes:

    • removed name restrictions on a document definition

    • nested fieldsets are now working correctly

    • a view definition name must now only be unique in the scope of its parent document

    • calculated fields are now correctly supported in fieldsets

  • it’s now possible to add translations inside a document definition

  • minor layout improvements have been made to the edit definition content page, providing a cleaner view to edit the YAML configuration of a definition

  • field type updates:

  • it’s now possible to add an expandable summary view to a document list view


The following features are available in the first release:

  • ability to create a dataset for grouping document definitions

  • defining a document definition using YAML

    • adding document fields: strings, numbers, booleans, enumerations, fieldsets and linked entities

    • customizing text messages for a document field

    • adding validators to a document field

  • versioning document definitions

  • creating and updating a document

    • from code or using the default Admin UI

    • every update is a separate version of that document attached to the specific definition version

    • validating a document