3.x.x release notes


  • Switched to JUnit5


This release requires Across 5.0.1.

  • styling of several pages has been updated

  • @DebugWebController now automatically includes @ConditionalOnAcrossModule(DebugWebModule.NAME)

  • added a new Security filters debug controller in the Across section

    • allows the user to see which security filter chains have been registered in SpringSecurityModule

  • added a new Cache browser section which allows introspection of registered Spring CacheManager beans

    • allows the user to see which CacheManager beans and Cache implementations are registered

    • existence of a Cache should always be available, additional statistics depend on the native cache

    • out of the box the NoopCache and ConcurrentMapCache return as many details as possible

    • additional implementations can be added via the DebugCacheStatistics event