Label Elements

A LabelFormElement writes a <label> tag to the output.

Element and builder

The ViewElement implementation for a label element is a LabelFormElement and has a corresponding LabelFormElementBuilder. A LabelFormElement can also be created via the BootstrapUiBuilders#label factory methods.


Creating a LabelFormElement

Given the following builder configuration:


The following markup would be rendered:

<label class="control-label">Author</label>

Target element

A label can also have a target element. This ensures that the elements are correctly associated by providing a for attribute. In the following example, we’ll also create a textbox element to refer to.

ViewElement author = BootstrapUiBuilders.textbox()
                                        .htmlId( "author" )

The aforementioned builder configurations would result in the following markup:

<label for="author" class="control-label">Author</label>
<input id="author" type="text" class="form-control">

Child elements

Label elements can also have other ViewElement s as their children. These will also be rendered inside the body of the label element. Let’s for example add an icon element to the label.

BootstrapUiBuilders.label( "Author" )
		           .add( BootstrapUiBuilders.glyphIcon( GlyphIcon.BOOK ) )

This will result in the following markup

<label class="control-label">Author
    <span aria-hidden="true" class="glyphicon glyphicon-book"></span>