A FaIcon writes a <i> element with the chosen faIcon as class to the output. It’s possible to compose your own faIcon strings but the FaIcon viewElement has a whole set of FaIcon predefined. The predefined FaIcon are categorized the following way:

  • WebApp

  • Transport

  • Gender

  • FileType

  • Spin

  • Form

  • Payment

  • Chart

  • Currency

  • TextEditor

  • Directional

  • VideoPlayer

  • Brand

  • Medical

Element and builder

The FaIcon extends the IconViewElement which holds the information needed the render the BootstrapUiElements.ICON. A builder can be created using BootstrapUiBuilders.faIcon factory methods.

The IconViewElement also has a GlyphIcon implementation.

Favicon attributes

Attribute Description Default


A string that defines the favIcon to render. For example "fa-ambulance".

Not set by default


Creating a basic FaIcon

Given the following builder configuration

BootstrapUiBuilders.faIcon( FaIcon.WebApp.BOOK );

The following markup would be rendered:

<i aria-hidden="true" class="fa fa-book"></i>