Testing dynamic modules

Testing dynamic modules outside of a full @AcrossApplication test can be done by adding one or more AcrossDynamicModulesConfigurer instances to the AcrossContext configuration. Every configurer instance is responsible for building a set of dynamic modules for a particular base package. An existing @AcrossApplication class can easily be reused as base for the configurer.

Example adding dynamic modules to a builder
public void dynamicModulesRegistration() {
    try (
            AcrossTestContext ctx = standard()
                    .configurer( new AcrossDynamicModulesConfigurer( DummyApplication.class ) )
    ) {
        assertTrue( ctx.contextInfo().hasModule( "DummyApplicationModule" ) );
Example adding dynamic modules to an annotations based test
public class TestDynamicModulesConfiguration
	private AcrossContextInfo contextInfo;

	public void sampleModulesShouldBeAdded() {
	    assertTrue( contextInfo.hasModule( "DummyApplicationModule" ) );

	protected static class SampleConfiguration
		public AcrossDynamicModulesConfigurer sampleDynamicModules() {
			return new AcrossDynamicModulesConfigurer( DummyApplication.class );