Mock MVC integration

By default using either the test builders or @AcrossTestConfiguration will provide you with a singleton MockMvc instance that is configured with the bootstrapped AcrossContext. You can also manually add this singleton configuration by importing the MockMvcConfiguration in your test application context, see the example in the Spring Boot section.

Across Test also provides a AcrossMockMvcBuilders class that has factory methods for creating an ad hoc MockMvcBuilder based on a bootstrapped AcrossContext. Use this implementation if you want to customize the MockMvc configuration, for example for Spring REST documentation generation.

Ad hoc instantiation of a MockMvc instance
public class TestSample
    private AcrossContextInfo contextInfo;

    private MockMvc mvc;

    public void setUp() {
        this.mvc = AcrossMockMvcBuilders.acrossContextSetup( contextInfo ).build();

    public void staticResourceShouldBeReturned() {
        mvc.perform( get( "/across/resources/static/testResources/test.txt" ) )
           .andExpect( status().isOk() )

    @EnableAcrossContext(modules = { AcrossWebModule.NAME })
    protected static class Config