The MockAcrossServletContext is an extension of the MockServletContext from Spring Test. It adds an implementation that keeps track of all registered servlets, filters and listeners.

Unlike the MockServletContext this implementation does not throw an UnsupportedOperationException on registration operations. For common operations like servlet and filter registration this implementation will behave as an actual ServletContext from a web container. The actual registrations that occurred can be retrieved - in order - from the MockAcrossServletContext.

MockAcrossServletContext can also mimic initialization of the ServletContext. When initialize() is called, the init() methods of the servlet/filter instances will be called with the registration parameters. Note that initialize() can be called only once, and afterwards all registration operations will throw an IllegalStateException.

Using a MockAcrossServletContext can be used for unit testing AcrossWebDynamicServletConfigurer implementations or for integration tests needing web functionality. MockAcrossServletContext is used automatically behind the scenes when using the test builders or annotations. In an integration test scenario, the implementation can either be wired as a bean (when using the annotations) or retrieved from the resulting AcrossTestWebContext.

Please refer to the javadoc for MockAcrossServletContext for more information.