1.x release notes


Maintenance release containing several bugfixes.


Across Core

Across now requires JDK8 and has improved support for Spring Boot. The latter is also a required dependency as of 1.1.2. A lot of improvements have been done to reduce the amount of boilerplate code necessary to create a new AcrossContext.

  • @EnableAcrossContext annotation now supports auto-configuration of an AcrossContext

  • @ModuleConfiguration annotation provides a no-hassle way to declare annotated classes that need to be added to a specific module

  • message sources are now auto detected if they follow the conventions

  • both AcrossModule and ModuleBootstrapConfig now have shortcut expose() methods that make it easier to expose additional beans

  • several changes and improvements were made to installers:

    • installers are now created in their own configurable installer ApplicationContext

    • installers are detected automatically through classpath scanning (defaults to installers package of a module)

    • installers are ordered based on the presence of an @Order annotation

    • installers now support @Conditional annotations for building more complex conditions

    • installers should only be specified as class names in getInstallers(), the use of instances is deprecated

    • InstallerSettings has been refactored to use InstallerMetaData instead (breaking change)

    • installers can implement InstallerActionResolver directly to suppress execution at runtime

    • AcrossInstallerRepository now has methods to rename installers

    • AcrossLiquibaseInstaller detects the most appropriate SchemaConfiguration to use and modifies default schema accordingly

  • development mode can be set through the property across.development.active and is active by default if a Spring profile called dev is active

Across Web

Across Test

Several improvements have been done for easier integration testing of modules in a web context.

  • test context builders have been added for easy configuration of an AcrossContext in test methods

  • MockAcrossServletContext can now be used for testing of dynamic ServletContext configuration

  • addition of a AcrossMockMvcBuilders class for creating a MockMvcBuilder based on an AcrossContext

    • both annotations and test builders now provide a singleton MockMvc instance that is initialized with the bootstrapped context and all dynamically registered filters


Initial public release available on Maven central.