Supported starters and libraries

Lists the support status of different Spring Boot starters and libraries.

For every library/Spring Boot starter mentioned in this document, there are 2 support indicators:

Support level

Indicates the level of support in a multi-module Across application.

Not supported

No auto-configuration possible.

Full support

Virtually no difference compared to a regular Spring Boot application. Support is automatic in all modules configured in an application. Common case: web controllers, actuator endpoints…​

Application support

Auto-configuration works as expected for an Across application. Infrastructure is usually configured on the application level, automatic support is only activated in the application module. Shared modules require manual configuration. Common case: Spring Data repositories

Partial support

Auto-configuration is partially supported. Additional manual configuration is still required.

Support status

Indicates the status of the support for that starter/library. This is more of an indication of the work in progress.


Currently not yet available.

To be verified

Auto-configuration available but not yet - or only partially - verified. Some cases might not yet work as expected.


Support level is available as indicated.