1.x.x release notes


Breaking changes

Amazon S3 support now also requires spring-cloud-aws-core alongside the Amazon SDK.



  • Internal refactoring, addition of FileResource as representation of a stored file and main interface to be used by consumers

  • Added folder concept in the form of FolderResource

  • Improved Amazon S3 support - deprecated AwsS3Repository in favour of AmazonS3Repository

  • Added special purpose repositories for temporary files and caching

  • Added Admin Web Developer tools section: file repository browser

  • Fixed some issues with module dependencies

  • Bugfix: moving a file from one repository to another will no longer create a temporary file


  • Added FileReference and FileReferenceProperties

    • FileReference and FileReferenceProperties can be used to store additional information for files.

    • If EntityModule is present, FileReference properties will be rendered as file upload controls.



  • Switched the settings to @ConfigurationProperties


Initial public release available on Maven central.