Supported file systems

Support for a file system is represented by a FileRepository. FileManagerModule comes with 2 types of file repositories:

  1. storage repositories that actual map file resources to an underlying storage provider like the local file system

  2. special purpose repositories that enhance others with additional behaviors like caching, expiration…​

Supported storage providers

The following storage provider implementations are available:


Stores all files as File instances in a root folder in the local filesystem.


Stores all files as AmazonS3 objects in a particular S3 bucket.

Special purpose file repositories

Additionally to the storage providers, the following special purpose repositories are also available:


Wraps around another FileRepository and adds expiration mechanics to the file resources returned. Mostly useful for temporary files that you want to be automatically removed by the application after a given time.


Wraps around a specific FileRepository and creates a temporary cache version of every file resource, which it stores in another repository. Especially useful for file resources coming from a slow - usually remote - FileRepository that you want to cache locally for a given time.

Unlike the ExpiringFileRepository which expires the original file resource, the CachingFileRepository only expires the cached version.

Adding a file system

Adding support for another file system is done by implementing your own FileRepository and FileResource. See the separate section for more information.