Some general utility functions can be found in BootstrapElementUtils.

Selecting a form control

You can use the getFormControl() function to select the first actual form control in a container or FormGroupElement.

Changing control names

You can use prefixControlNames() or replaceControlNamesPrefix() functions to modify the names of one or multiple controls.

Prefix all control names in a form
FormViewElement form = new FormViewElement();
TextboxFormElement textbox = new TextboxFormElement();
textbox.setControlName( "textbox" );
form.add( textbox );

form.apply( BootstrapElementUtils.prefixControlNames( "custom.prefix" ) );

assertThat( textbox.getControlName() ).isEqualTo( "custom.prefix.textbox" );

See the separate guide on control name prefixing for more information.