1.x.x release notes


  • added BootstrapUiBuilders class that is a static facade for all builders

    • BootstrapUiFactory and BootstrapUiComponentFactory beans are still available, but because both of them operate stateless, the facade was added to reduce wiring verbosity

  • textbox improvements:

    • TextboxFormElement has a property disableLineBreaks that will disable the ENTER key

    • the TextboxFormElementBuilder will generate a valid single-line auto-sizing textarea if auto-size is requested on a normal textbox


  • added several builders for rendering menu structures: DefaultNavComponentBuilder, BreadcrumbNavComponentBuilder and PanelsNavComponentBuilder

    • all nav related builders now also support message code snippets in Menu titles: putting for example #{my.code=Item title} as value will be replaced by the Locale specific message for my.code or by Item title if the message code can’t be resolved

  • added support for bootstrap-select dropdown lists on OptionsFormElementBuilder and SelectFormElement

    • allows for more advanced and user-friendly dropdown controls

  • the BootstrapUiModule javascript library supports adding initializer extensions


Initial public release available on Maven central.