Select Control Adapter

Supports HTML select elements.


Basic OptionsFormElements and SelectFormElements are automatically created with the select type attribute. This ensures that a select control adapter is initialized on the node. By removing the data-bootstrapui-adapter-type attribute this can be prevented.

Target element

The node on which the adapter is registered/initialized.

Retrieving the current value

Returns an array holding a single BootstrapUiControlValueHolder. The context is the option element that defines the selected value. The label holds the innerHTML of the selected option element. The value is retrieved from the option element via jQuery#val.

Example output
// single selected value
    label: "One",
    value: "1",
    context: option#ca-select1

// multi selected value
    label: "One",
    value: "1",
    context: option#ca-select1
    label: "Two",
    value: "2",
    context: option#ca-select2

Selecting a value

Sets the value using jQuery#val.

// single value
adapter.selectValue( 1 );

// multi value, in case of a multi select
adapter.selectValue( [1, 2] );

Event triggers


Triggered when a change event is triggered on the target element.

Bootstrap Select

The bootstrap select control adapter is a variant of the select control adapter for bootstrap-select elements. It differs from the default select adapter behaviour for

selecting a value

The value is set via the selectpicker plugin.

triggering of events
  • bootstrapui.change: triggered when the event is triggered on the target element.

The adapter automatically registered on OptionsFormElements and SelectFormElements with the bootstrap-select type attribute.