Datepicker Control Adapter

Supports elements initialized with an Eonasdan DatePicker.


DateTimeFormElements are automatically created with the datetime type attribute. This ensures that a datetime control adapter is initialized on the node. By removing the data-bootstrapui-adapter-type attribute this can be prevented.

If a data-bootstrapui-datetimepicker attribute is present on the target element, the exportFormat property of that object will be used to format the value.

Target element

The node on which the adapter is registered/initialized.

Retrieving the current value

Returns an array holding a single BootstrapUiControlValueHolder. The context is the target element of the adapter. The label holds the formatted date and the value represents the date on the date picker plugin.

Example output
    label: "2019-01-23 00:00",
    value: Moment,

Selecting a value

Sets the value using the DateTimePicker plugin.

adapter.selectValue( "2019-01-23 00:00" );

Event triggers


Triggered when a dp.change event is triggered on the target element.