Container Control Adapter

Container control adapters group nested control adapters. Methods that are executed, will be executed against the nested adapters.


Checkbox or radio OptionsFormElements are automatically created with the container type attribute. This ensures that a container control adapter is initialized on the node. By removing the data-bootstrapui-adapter-type attribute this can be prevented.

Target element

The element on which the adapter is registered.

Retrieving the current value

Returns an array holding the values of underlying control adapter elements.

Example output
    label: "One",
    value: "1",
    context: input#ca-multi-checkbox
    label: "3",
    value: "Three",
    context: input#ca-multi-checkbox2
In the above example, two control adapters for a checkbox have been nested in the target element of the container adapter.

Selecting a value

Not supported for container elements.

Event triggers


Triggered when a change event is triggered on one of the nested control adapter target elements.