Basic Control Adapter

Most basic control adapter that manages its values using jQuery#val.


TextboxFormElements are automatically created with the basic type attribute. This ensures that a basic control adapter is initialized on the node. By removing the data-bootstrapui-adapter-type attribute this can be prevented.

Target element

The node on which the adapter is registered/initialized.

Retrieving the current value

Returns an array holding a single BootstrapUiControlValueHolder. The context is the target element of the adapter. The label and the value hold the same value, which is retrieved using jQuery#val on the target element.

Example output
    label: "Moby dick",
    value: "Moby dick",
    context: input#ca-textbox.form-control

Selecting a value

Sets the value using jQuery#val.

adapter.selectValue( "Moby dick" );

Event triggers


Triggered when a change event is triggered on the target element.