5.x release notes


Core dependency upgrades

  • Spring Framework 5.1.13

  • Spring Boot 2.1.12

Across Core

  • an AcrossContextInfrastructureModule is now also added to every AcrossContext as the very first module

    • module will only bootstrap if relevant configuration is present but it can be used as a certain extension point in configurations

  • across.configuration has been dropped in favour of across-configuration.yml which allows more advanced configuration

  • several deprecated classes have been removed: HasSchemaConfiguration

  • the ability to extend existing module configurations has been improved

    • @ModuleConfiguration classes can now be added either before or after the initial module configuration using the deferred attribute, making it easier to override bean definitions

    • @ModuleConfiguration can be made optional using the optional attribute. An optional configuration will not cause the module ApplicationContext to be started.

    • Across modules without non-optional configurations will now get a Skipped bootstrap status instead of Disabled. Only the actual bootstrap of the module is skipped, for all other purposes it is an active part of the Across context. This allows a module to be declared which only adds configuration to other modules without starting an "empty' ApplicationContext.

  • a bootstrap report has been added through the AcrossBootstrapTimer

    • it is displayed in the logs after context start when log level INFO is enabled on com.foreach.across.core.context.bootstrap.AcrossBootstrapTimer

Across Web

  • The standard ViewElement and ViewElementBuilder have been refactored

  • several deprecated classes have been removed: AcrossDynamicServletConfigurer