Error handling

When working with @AcrossApplication and auto-configuration, a customized version of Spring Boot error handling will be activated. The main difference is in the automatic detection of custom error pages, most other features work in exactly the same way.

Custom error pages

Across Web error handling will only auto-detect Thymeleaf templates in the application module resources. It does not support the default Spring Boot /templates locations.

Add a template with the right conventional path (error subfolder and status code or series file name) to have it picked up.

Error template location for MyApplication
 +- main/
     +- java/
     |   + <source code>
     +- resources/
         +- views/
             +- th/
                 +- my/
                     +- error/
                     |   +- 404.html
                     |   +- 5xx.html
                     +- <other templates>

If you want another module to automatically look for error templates in its resources, you should register a AcrossModuleDefaultErrorViewResolver in that module.

Any module can provide a ErrorViewResolver or ErrorController component for more advanced customization options